Skillful Psyche
Skillful Psyche

Exercises for the Psyche to enhance your experience of LIFE.

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Some of the problems people have who do not work on their self development include: 

  • lack of self-confidence
  • difficulty in setting and achieving goals
  • poor communication skills
  • difficulty with making decisions
  • difficulty managing stress
  • difficulty in managing emotions
  • lack of persistence and motivation
  • difficulty developing healthy relationships.

Whether you struggle with the above or not: Being better equipped to handle the challenges of life has it's benefits. With our sessions you will increase your resilience, adaptability and overall well being.

Some benefits you will experience as you enhance your psyche through our practice sessions:

  1.  Increased self-confidence
  2.  Improved communication skills
  3.  Better problem-solving abilities
  4.  Improved decision-making abilities
  5.  Greater ability to handle stress
  6.  Enhanced creativity
  7.  Greater leadership skills
  8.  Ability to plan and organize effectively to achieve goals
  9.  Improved focus and concentration
  10.  Better emotional intelligence
  11.  More fulfilling relationships with self

After the first session you will find that you will be more valuable to yourself, your family, and society with consistent practice you will begin to realize success and fulfillment of your greatest expression of life.

Our Process


Our subconscious mind can only be reprogrammed when we are in theta brainwave state. In this state, the conscious mind is relaxed and the subconscious mind becomes more open and receptive to new thoughts, ideas, and patterns. We begin each class with an exercise intended in releasing the distractions of the day and bringing our state of beings to theta so our subconscious beliefs can be restructured and reprogrammed for positive change.


Once we are primed we are ready for our psychological reprogramming practice of the day. This will be a constantly varied technique, each one with a different intended outcome. Some will allow us to align different emotions to our responses, others will allow us to appreciate ourselves more, others will give us clarity on specific aspects of our life direction, others will improve our vision of a relationship, and so on. We are intentionally overwriting our programming with an updated perspective from our now more matured self. 


Once the reprograming is practiced, we then break into small groups and verbally share our experience with each other. Adapting the non verbal practice into a verbal form is an additional method to root this programming into our psyche. We also get to hear varying perspectives from others, coloring in the whole set with the experience of others. 

Benefits for you to join us:

1: Psychological Reprogramming exercises that will reveal your psychology to yourself in a way that you can choose more effective mindsets to ascned you state of being.

2: Access to practice with a group of likeminded individuals. We share in the live classes in breakout rooms, as well as in the community pages: Learning via witnessing the collective experience of all.

3: A plethora of guided expereinces to clear distractions of the day and to tune the brainwaves to a receptive frequency. This sets us up for the psychology drills & also gives you tools for your future.

What will be available to you immediately:

-Access to all classes released from the last 30 days. 

-Ability to join the live reoccurring classes that happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

-Communicated with like minded individuals. 

Join us for the live taping of our sessions! Our live class schedule is made with times for a global community. As community grows we will add more times, for now there are 2 different classes per week. And they happen twice in the day it is launched:

Tuesday: 8am Pacific

Tuesday: 3pm Pacific (same class as morning session)

Thursday: 8am Pacific

Thursday: 3pm Pacific (same class as morning session)

All lessons are available for 30 days after they are recorded and posted!